Clam Restoration in our Lagoons

Since Captain Tama's Lagoon Cruizes began tours in 1992, we were aware of the dimishing sea life populations in our lagoons due to over fishing by our local population. An idea of a marine reserve was suggested to the local Arikis (chiefs) which finally became law in the late 1990's.

In conjuction with our Ministry of Marine Resources office, we transported a batch of young clams from the hatchery in Aitutaki. We contained them in large wire mesh cages so as to offer them some protection from the predators in the lagoon. Once they grew to a size where they no longer needed the protection, we set them free in the lagoon. The numbers of clams now populating the reef and the lagoon has increased a hundred fold. We continue to bring young clams into the lagoon for repopulation.